Friday, August 26, 2011

YOU Rock!!!

Congratulations on (just about) making it through the first week of school. Whew! I know it's been a bit crazy with the tons of new curriculum materials many of you have been dealing with (not to mention the few other things you have to do--wink!). I hope our efforts to make some sense of that stuff has been helpful. In case you haven't seen it, here's the link to the Google spreadsheet for curriculum materials: It's primarily elementary materials; high school folks have been spared (so far....)

And in case you feel like you're "bugging" us with questions, we wanted to let you know -- we're here to help you, so you can do your real work of teaching kids. So no more "sorry to bother you" -- we're here for you! (Of course, we might bug you to go through the Help desk, but it's not because we don't love you and don't want to help -- we just need to keep track of our work.) If there's something we can do that would make your library life easier, let us know!

P.S. Callie (the cat, see left) continues to be bad... she's taken to fishing in the toilet for used kleenex. Nothing else in the toilet, but eeeewwww! For reasons that would take too long to explain (and you probably don't want to know anyway), we can't put the lid down. Good thing she's cute.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Houston, we have a problem": printing borrower barcodes

In the mad rush to get everything ready for the kiddos to come back, a lot of you are trying to print borrower barcodes. And some of you are running into problems. The main one I've heard about is that your report looks like this:

One borrower, no barcode lines. Fortunately, this is very easy to remedy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

New aide? How to get them signed up with TLC

If you have a new staff member in your library, you may be wondering how to get them a login for TLC. Easy! Contact your school secretary and ask them to request access to TLC for your new aide through ESS. This is the same process they will go through to request access to any Jeffco system (Campus, Blackboard, etc.). This request goes to the friendly User Security folks in IT; they'll contact Jeffcat to make sure it's OK for that person to have access to TLC, and when they get permission they do their magic to set up the access. (Asking Jeffcat for permission is really a formality - it just lets us know who is getting a login so we can do one final step that activates their login in TLC.)

At the beginning of the school year, User Security can get pretty swamped with requests, so it might take a few days for your request to go through. In the meantime, your aide can use one of the generic substitute logins for TLC. Go to Blackboard > TLC > Step-by-step Procedures > Setting up TLC > TLC Generic Logins to get a list of logins. 

Just remember that Jeffcat does not have the means to set up access to TLC. We're wizards with a lot of things, but that's not one of them! So work with your school secretarial staff, and your aides will be having fun with TLC in no time.