Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Houston, we have a problem": printing borrower barcodes

In the mad rush to get everything ready for the kiddos to come back, a lot of you are trying to print borrower barcodes. And some of you are running into problems. The main one I've heard about is that your report looks like this:

One borrower, no barcode lines. Fortunately, this is very easy to remedy.
The problem is that the report is in HTML format. It needs to be in PDF format to show all the students and their barcodes. You'll see a row of icons just above the report title on the upper right. Click on the one in the middle, with the little red lines (I think it's supposed to look like a printed page) - when you mouse over it, you'll see the message "View in PDF format." Your report will re-run, and voila!, you'll see something you can actually use:

Most schools switched to Adobe Reader 10 over the summer, if they hadn't already. In an effort to be, I don't know, slick or something, Adobe changed the design of the reader so that when you open a PDF, you don't automatically see the printing and paging controls. How clever! So when you get one of these babies, mouse over the report toward the bottom and a pop-up toolbar will appear. If you click on the right-most cryptic icon, the real toolbar will appear around the report, and stay there (at least until you close the report). How refreshing! And if you're like me, you might want to also search the PDF. But alas, the search box is gone. Not to worry, hit Control-f and it will reappear. Yes, Adobe, this is SO much easier. Right.

A couple other things about borrower barcode reports, if you're interested and I still have your attention. Your school's teacher librarian (which may be YOU!) will come up as many students' responsible party. This is because most kids haven't been assigned a schedule in Campus yet. Once they are, they'll be listed under real responsible party. It takes a little while for all the scheduling to get done, but once it does, most issues will be taken care of. If there are still kids listed under the TL as RP in a couple weeks, contact the service desk to get it straightened out.

Another thing, if you want to print your student barcodes as labels, there is a report under Public Folders > Jeffco > Labels that is formatted to print on Avery 5160 labels. It's called Shortcut to Borrower Barcodes by Repsponsible Party, Location and Type (Avery 5160). Catchy.

I know, TMI. I'll try to keep it under control. In the meantime, have a great start of the year!

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