Friday, September 2, 2011

"Give us your tired, your poor"... your uncataloged!

Now that things are settling down a little in your schools (ha! does that ever really happen?), you may be turning your attention to that stack of uncataloged books lurking on the back table. Some will be easy to add, like that replacement copy of The Lightning Thief, but others will prove more difficult... or just plain not in the database. What to do?

That's where Jeffcat comes in! Any books (DVDs, audiobooks, kits, etc.) that you can't find a record for in TLC (and remember to un-check the Home Location Only button when you're searching), we would love to catalog for you. There's a couple ways we can accomplish this:
  • Send the books to us in Jeffcat: If you have just a few, stick 'em in a pony envelope and send them to Jeffcat at the Ed Center; if you have more, put them into a box, mark the box with "For Jeffcat from Mitchell" or whatever, and call the AV delivery team at x22220. They'll drop by and pick them up, and then return them to you when we're done.
    • *Remember to put barcodes on anything you send to us.* Otherwise we can't add your holdings for you and make labels.
  • Use our Rush Cataloging forms: If you need the books cataloged pronto, fill out a form on our Rush Cataloging website. Click the pertinent form link and fill in the info - it asks for the data we need to catalog, for the most part. Sometimes we'll run into something really sticky; if we do, we'll contact you for more info.
    • These rush cataloging forms are in a Google site, so anyone in the district can use it. Please pass this info onto your aides so they can use it. It's much more efficient than e-mail!
We're always here to consult if you have questions about how to handle something. We don't always have the answers, but we'll give it a college try! 

Remember... better to ask than to OTF!

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