Monday, October 10, 2011

"Here's looking at you, kid": Student photos

The scene: Your students filed into the gym about a month ago and had their pictures snapped. You're still trying to learn all those kindergarteners' names, and having their photos in TLC would really help. But alas, when you pull up Ms. Kindergartenteacher's class list, you're confronted with a whole page of "No Images".

What's an overworked TL to do?

Well, in two words - sit tight. Photos get loaded into TLC by Jeffcat. Here's how it normally works: the vendor sends the photos to IT first. It usually takes the photo vendors upwards of a month to get the photos back to IT after they've been taken at the school. IT loads them into Campus, and makes them available to Jeffcat (as well as Food Services, Transportation, and whoever else needs them). This usually happens on a Wednesday or Thursday of a given week. Then one of us in Jeffcat loads them into TLC.

Once we get access to the photos, it's a pretty fast process, but getting that access can take a while. If you have a disc of your school photos and they haven't been loaded into TLC yet, let us know. We may just ask you to send the disc to us, and we'll get them loaded for you.

If you notice any strangeness with your photos, like Mr. Firstgradeteacher's photo is on Johnny's record, please notify the helpdesk (982-2200). That will get it in the pipeline to get fixed.