Monday, January 30, 2012

Modification to Rush Cataloging forms

We've added a Price field to the Rush Cataloging forms. If you put in the price of an item, we'll add it to the item record when we create it. This price is the amount that will be used as the replacement cost in the event the book is lost. If no price is listed in the item record, the lost charge amount will be the default replacement cost for the holdings code assigned to the book.

And while we're on the subject of rush cataloging, a couple of reminders. Please save these method for items that really are rush -- it's a lot easier for us to catalog with the item in hand, so if you don't need to circulate it right away, please send it to us (the Jeffcat website Getting Started page has info on how to do that). Also make sure you've searched the TLC database for the book first to make sure it's not in there -- and remember to un-check Home Location only to see the full district holdings! Just think of how much easier it is to find the record in the database and click the Add New Item button (the little page & pencil icon) than fill out the whole Rush Cataloging form.

We've linked the Rush Cataloging site on the new Jeffcat website -- look in the left-hand column under Quick Links.

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