Monday, January 23, 2012

New Jeffcat website - FAQ

I've added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the new Jeffcat website. As questions come up, I'll add them to this page. Most on-going issues will be addressed in the other pages of the website, so take a look through those (or use the search box) if you don't see your question in the FAQ.

Here are the first two FAQs:

Why do I see books on my book river that my library doesn't own?

This happens when titles recently added to the system don't have items on them - that is, no one owns the title yet. Occasionally we will be cataloging a book, but for some reason can't add an item record to it right at the moment. We might have added the title for a school and they haven't had a chance to add their item, or some Mackin records came in with duplicate barcodes that haven't been fixed yet. We make an effort in Jeffcat to always add a 'dummy' Jeffcat item to titles that aren't yet held by any school, but sometimes we miss one. If you notice this, please contact us with the offending title, and we'll add a dummy item to the record so you won't see it on your book river anymore.

And FYI, it takes an hour or so for the PAC to update after we've made a change in the Cataloging module, so you won't see any changes we make right away.

Why do new check-outs go to the bottom of the check-out screen?

You may have noticed that, since the December LS2 Circ upgrade, items you check out appear at the bottom of the borrower's check out list. They used to appear at the top. You can re-sort the list by clicking on the Date Due column title, but the re-sort only stays for one check out. This is a glitch that TLC will need to fix. They have it on their list of things to fix for the next upgrade of the system. We don't yet have a timeline for that upgrade from TLC.

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