Monday, February 6, 2012

Duplicate borrower records

You may have run across a borrower record with a comment on it that says "Duplicate record - use 123456 instead" -- like this:
This is part of our effort to clear out duplicate borrower records. With the implementation of Jeffco Connect last fall, a lot of duplicate records were entered into Campus. Because TLC gets its borrower records from Campus, we are seeing a lot of them in TLC as well.

The folks who manage Campus decide which of the duplicates is the "official" student record and which is the duplicate. They then send a message out to everyone whose system uses these student records (like Food Service, Transportation, and us!) so we can clean them up in our databases. In Jeffcat, we look up these records in TLC and delete the duplicates.

Sometimes we can't delete the duplicate records, because there are books checked out on them, fines, or whatever. In those cases, we put a comment on the record alerting anyone using the record that it is a duplicate, and which record should be used instead -- like the one above.

So how can you help? When you see one of these comments, please heed it if you can. We understand it can be difficult when you use self-check out, volunteers, student assistants, etc. Please alert anyone doing checkouts to use the official record -- type the official student ID into the search box, or copy and paste, then check out on that record.  If you use library cards for students to do self-check out, please make sure the official ID number is on the card. Don't delete the comments - we want to make sure anyone using the record knows it is a duplicate, and which record should be used instead.

We keep track of the duplicates yet to be deleted, and check them every so often to see if they can be deleted. We also try to make sure the student's photo is on the official record. Since our borrower records are tied to Campus, we need to be using the official one for the student, so that any updates show up on the record we're using.

Thanks for your help with this! More info (along with lots of other stuff!) can be found on the Jeffcat website under Circulation.

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