Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New "Add Item" Functionality in TLC

In case you missed it, there's some new functionality in LS2 Circ that I want you all to be aware of. TLC modified the Add Item function in Staff Services to make it easier to add multiple copies to one title record. The way it's designed is that if you have an item selected (it's highlighted and you see the Item Details on the right, as in the image to the right), when you click the green plus sign to add a new item, the system automatically populates the item record with the information from that highlighted item. Basically it copies the location, call number, etc.--everything but the barcode--from that item and plunks it into your new item. Which is great if you WANT to copy that item. But you may just be looking at it for reference, and then the information is inadvertently copied into your new item.

So the thing is just to be aware of this functionality. The easiest way to check your work is to see what location is listed in your new item--if it's your location, you're fine, but if it's a different school, you'll want to either A) change the location (you'll also have to click the "Circulated By" box and change that location); or B) click the Clear Fields button in the lower right, which will wipe out all the information and give you a clean slate. Here's an example of a copied item:

Of course, if you are adding multiple copies of a title, this makes it a lot easier - just select the item you want to copy, scan your barcode, and click "Save and Add Another." Makes it much faster!

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  1. Correction to this post: Because of the way permissions are set in TLC for school staff, you won't be able to change the location in the Add Item screen. Instead, you'll just have to click Clear Fields revert the item locations back to your school. Another option, if you have an item selected from another school but haven't click the Add Item button yet, is to re-load the title record (re-search it), and then don't click on any items.

    I realize this can be a hassle, and I've contacted TLC about adding some functionality where you can just "de-select" an item by clicking on it again.

    Sorry for the error!