Friday, March 9, 2012

TLC Upgrade this weekend

We're installing the newest release of the TLC circulation software this weekend. You'll see a few changes and some fixes on Monday, so we wanted to let you know what's coming. Click here for a Jeffco Google doc that outlines what's new and what's been fixed; below is a list of the highlights. You don't have to do anything to implement this change at your library - the new features and fixes will just be there when you log in on Monday. If you run into any problems, please contact the Help Desk.

  • Items checked out appear at the TOP of the check out list
  • Quicker way to add new items by “cloning” existing items
  • Printable receipts for credit refunds
  • Credits and credit withdrawals (refunds) added to Payment History screen
  • Cursor focus highlighted when using Firefox and Chrome
  • “Date Added” and “Date Inventoried” added to Item Details in Titles & Items

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