Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Reports

TLC has released its 1st quarter set of new reports, and there are a few I thought would be useful that I'd like to mention. I have put shortcuts to these reports in the Jeffco folders, so they're easier for you to find.
  • Circulations for Owning Holdings Codes at Location by Date Range (in Jeffco > Circulation Activity): This report lists all the holdings codes that have had circulations during the time period you specify, with the number of check outs and renewals. It also lists the percent each holdings code represents of your entire collection (not just the checked out items), and the total number of items in each holdings code.
  • Intra-Location Items Checked Out (in Jeffco > Items): This report has two functions. With it, you can get a list of items checked out from your library by borrowers at other locations - especially helpful for those of you with many borrowers who have a different home location. You can also get a report that shows items your borrowers have checked out from other locations. For both versions of the report, it shows the item owning location, the borrower location, call number, holdings code, title, barcode, and due date.
  • Items by Location, Holdings Code(s), and Status(es) in Date Range - Excel (in Jeffco > Items): This report is similar to Items by Selected Holdingscode(s) and Status(es), but it allows you to specify a date range for the "update" date - the date that the status was set (e.g., book checked out, marked lost or missing, put on hold, etc.). So for instance, you could use it to get a list of items in your Fiction collection marked lost during last semester. The report shows the holdings codes (owning and active), call number, title, barcode, date added, date checked out, update date, and current status. If you're unclear what the status codes mean, check the Abbreviations page on the Jeffcat website for help. Note: This report displays in a grid format for easy porting into Excel; it does not automatically open in Excel - you still have to click the View in Excel button once you've run the report in HTML or PDF.
A couple more things: I'm making a few changes to the Jeffco reports folder to try to make them easier to use. I'm getting rid of the "Shortcut to" wording that precedes each report title to clean up the look of the folders. I'm also adding screen tips to the reports - if you hover your mouse over the report icon to the left of each title, you'll see added information about the report (I've only gotten through the Borrowers folder so far). Remember that you can view samples of each report in the Sample Reports folders, in case you have questions about what you'll get from a report.

These changes should not affect the reports you may have put in your My Folders section. A note about putting reports in your My Folders - it's better to use the Create a report view of this report... link, rather than the Copy... link (you'll find both in the More... link on the far right). When you create a report view, your report view is still linked to the main report, so if any changes or updates are made to the main report, they will flow down to your report view. Creating a copy of a report severs this link, so if any updates are made to a report, you would not see those reflected in your copy. This does not apply to reports you have already run and then saved to your My Folders - those report will stay the same (retain the same data) as when you saved them.