Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reports: Borrower with items out

As we wrap up the end of the year, many of you are wanting to run reports that you can give to teachers with all the books their students still have out. I've put these reports in the Check-out Listings folder in the Jeffco reports folder. Each report has slight differences.

    1. Borrowers with Items Checked Out
      • Sorted by responsible party; 
      • Lists student's name, phone number, grade level and ID;
      • Shows title, call number, barcode, and replacement cost of book;
      • No page break between responsible parties
    2. Borrowers with Items Checked Out, borrower page break
      • Same as #1, but puts a page break between each borrower
      • Good to run for staff, to give teachers a list of what they have out
    3. Borrowers with Items Checked Out, half sheet notice
      • Same as #2, but pages are 1/2 sheets;
      • Good for notices to give to students
      • Remember to change "Page Scaling" to Multiple pages per sheet in the print dialog box to get the half-sheets
    4. Borrowers with Items Checked Out, list for Excel
      • Same info as #1, but in a grid format
    5. Borrowers with Items Out by Responsible Party - Full Sheet
      • Sorted by responsible party; page breaks between RP
      • Lists student's name, ID, and grade level
      • Shows title, author, barcode, call number, item status, and replacement cost
      • Can run for just one teacher (have teacher's ID# ready)
    6. Borrowers with Items Out/Overdue by Responsible Party
      • Sorted by responsible party
      • Can run for just one teacher, don't need their ID
      •  Lists student's name and grade level
      • Shows title, call number, due date, and item status
 If you need a report showing fines, look in the Overdues & Fines folder in the Jeffco folder. There are too many to list here, but here's a few tips to keep in mind:
  • Notices generally indicates a report with one borrower per sheet (half or full) - a notice you can hand to a student. (Except "Notices OD with Fines" - that's a full sheet for each RP. Go figure.)
  • List indicates just that - a list of students with fines, overdues, etc.
  • Remember there are 2 pages of reports in the Overdues & Fines folder - click on the double down arrows to the left to get to the next page.
  • Use the Sample Reports folder to find what you need - click on any Report View in that folder to see a sample of the report.

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