Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun: Reports

Reports? Fun?!? Well, maybe not, but I hope that this spreadsheet will make them a little easier to use. The spreadsheet lists all the reports in the Jeffco folder (Public Folders > Jeffco), grouped by sub-folder. For each report I've included the following information:
  • Sub-folder-- Borrowers, Circulation Activity, etc.
  • Report title
  • Date range specific indication-- whether or not you can specify as date range when you run the report
  • Responsible party selection option-- whether or not you can run the report for just a particular responsible party's class
  • Prompts-- the selection criteria you are offered when you run the report
  • Description-- what you'll get when you run the report
The spreadsheet opens in list view, which makes it easy to sort and filter to find what you need. You can also search the spreadsheet by hitting control-F or selecting Find... from the menu (which menu depends on what browser you're using). Another handy feature--in the Report Title column, click the down arrow next to "(All)" to see an alphabetical list of all reports. Select a title to see the info for that report; select All to restore the full list. Don't worry, I've set the spreadsheet to View Only, so you can't delete anything!

You may notice that there are 102 reports in the list. Yikes! No wonder it can be hard to find what you need. One reason for this is that you all have many different needs, and the reports have generally been written to meet only a few specific needs. So we need lots of reports! There are over 400 reports in Public Folders altogether, which may make you feel better about our measly 102. 

One way you can make your life easier is to save the reports you use often to your My Folders section of Reports. Here are instructions for how to do that (click here to see instructions with pictures): 
  1. Find the report you want to save, and click the More... link to the right of the icons for the report. 

  2. Click the Create a report view of this report... link. Make sure you create a report view rather than just copying the report - this will ensure that if the report is updated, you'll get the updated version.

  3. Click the My Folders radio button to save the report view to your My Folders. You can also change the name of the report if you wish - this will only change the name in your My Folders tab.

  4. Click Finish. The system will return you to the Jeffco folder you saved the report from; click on your My Folders tab to see your newly minted report view.
There you have it. Then you can go to your My Folders for the reports you use most often.

One final note: TLC has been busy creating an upgrade to the Reports Manager. From the scuttlebutt I hear, the new Reports Manager will be easier to use, and the reports will be consolidated and cleaned up. We'll be implementing this over the summer (there are some behind-the-scenes hardware upgrades that need to happen, too, so it's more complicated than flipping a switch). Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the end of the year.

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